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I’m Dan Lawlis and I’ve been a professional illustrator for over twenty-five years. My first ten years was spent working in the comic book industry drawing and painting comic books and trading cards.  The following ten years and on I have been in the advertising field doing mostly storyboards. This website focuses on my illustration work both personal and professional. Thanks for visiting.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Dan. I still have the book Izzy that you illustrated for my second grade class, when your daughter was in my class. I just looked you up to see some of your work. Hope you and the family are well.
    Mrs. Karen Barbuscak

    • orangeworld3 Says:

      Hi Karen!

      That was great fun creating with the kids! It feels like a long time ago, and yet, it’s not so long ago.

      Everyone is doing great! Hope you are doing well too.

      Thanks for looking me up!

  2. I own a page of your art from Cloak and Dagger #1 signed by P Craig Russell. I didn’t even know you drew it if it weren’t for ReadComicOnline and Google because you don’t have a byline in the issue (which is odd), the artwork has no page/issue/year identifiers, and it isn’t listed in your ComicDB. Having finally read the whole issue, I was impressed with your sequential panels and storytelling. The camera constantly moved but the story flowed smoothly. Good luck with your post comics career.

    • orangeworld3 Says:

      Thanks Peter! That sure was a long time ago! I think Craig Russell did the cover. It’s peculiar that there is no byline though. Usually Marvel is pretty good about credit.

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