Dirt Rag mountain bike magazine

Here’s a cover for Dirt Rag mountain bike magazine.  It’s probably one of the coolest illustrations I’ve ever done.


This the mock up that I sent to Dirt Rag to try to sell them on the idea of using my cover.


The original color sketch.


6 Responses to “Dirt Rag mountain bike magazine”

  1. Dan,

    This illustration is so awesome. I was so impressed with it i ended up buying the poster sized version. It is currently hanging just above my computer, framed on the wall. Thank you for the visual inspiration.


  2. Awesome work! A friend of mine was looking for mountain biking art as a pattern for a tattoo. Your work may end up on his leg.

    • orangeworld3 Says:

      Thanks Jim! Somebody did a tattoo of the cover on their arm. There was a photo of it in one of the followup issues of Dirt Rag.

  3. Emilio DiPretoro Says:

    I have this poster and I love it. You should make a t shirt out of this illustration, it’s awesome!

    • orangeworld3 Says:

      Thanks Emilio! I can’t make a t-shirt out of it for sale, cause the Dirt Rag guys own the rights to my art, but you could ask them to do it.

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